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Here we selected 5 “must watch” for you to better understand how the fashion industry works behind the scenes!

  1. The True Cost

Very shocking and a great documentary to open our eyes to what’s going on behind scenes.

  1. Frontline Fashion

By the end of it, you will be feeling super excited and motivated to do something.

  1. Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion

Super interesting to get a close look at the factories and how people who work there are living their routine.

  1. The Next Black

Where technology meets fashion! New ways of making fashion and what the people who are into it have to say.

  1. Demain

Not really about fashion, it’s about everything! But we still wanted to include that one, since it’s such a positive and motivating documentary. It shows that despite all the shit that is going on, there are a bunch of cool people doing great things out there!

Enjoy! 😉

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