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Give a Shit!

We are facing the truth more often now, hearing from different sources that the fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry (right after oil), and that not all workers within the supply chain are earning a fair salary.

The whole picture looks bad and, to be honest, it’s impossible to change our whole lifestyle from one day to the other.


Well, that’s not really motivating. But really, there’re a lot of things we can do.

So let’s start with the basics:



Think before buying, read the labels, get familiar with the brand, look for information, think about which materials are used and who produced your clothes. Basically: Give a shit.



Make a list of things you want and/or need.


Wait for it.


Do you still really need and/or want it?

Ok, so try to find what you need in second-hand shops or look for ethical brands, or even try your luck in a clothing swap.


Then Buy it.



Don’t be impulsive, read again “Reduce” instructions.



Have fun! Organize a swap party, buy second hand, upcycle, rent. The possibilities are endless!


– R e p e a t –



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