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We met RAGFAIR people at Impact Hub Zürich, and we were super excited about their concept. Sasha told us all about it and we’re now sharing it with you!


What It Is

An online renting service where you can find unique female design clothes and accessories carefully selected from all over the world. The collection is composed of pieces from Scandinavian, European, Russian and Israeli designers, among others. “We are constantly searching for talented designers who respect the people and the planet. she says. The idea is to serve all fashion lovers need: unlimited wardrobe in an ethical way! Giving a wide range of options of brands and unique outfits, they offer diversity and ethical consumption.


The Why

The idea came up from the typical “I have nothing to wear” moment, we are all familiar with. Sasha joined Natalia and Elena in the later phase, a couple of months before the service was launched. Her incentive to join the startup came from her Bachelor Thesis about textile recycling in Switzerland. That is how the team was assembled: sharing the same values and driven by a wish to make a change. ”

We would like to reinvent what we consume and how!


How it works

For 129 CHF monthly our customers can rent up to 3 products at once and exchange them as many times as they wish within the same month free of charge. One shipping per month both ways, cleaning and small repairing are included. And of course, if the service is not needed anymore, it can be easily cancelled at any time.


Wanna know more?

Check out their website & social media (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)! 😉

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