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Fashion Flip had the pleasure to meet with Suniti, one of the founders of Elephant Cross. She is very passionate about the brand and told us the beautiful story behind it.




Born and raised in India, she has a deep understanding and passion for Indian design, architecture, culture and way of life.

She worked as a television anchor on various automotive, lifestyle and travel shows with a leading Indian news channel. She also worked with global European and Swiss companies in the area of marketing.

Her background: Media & online marketing and sustainable business development.



Born and raised in Switzerland, he has a deep understanding of Swiss culture, work, design, people and Swiss & European lifestyle.

He is a management consultant by profession, and has consulted several local and global companies in Switzerland and Asia in creating high quality products and processes to increase employee satisfaction and client experience.

His background: media, political science and criminology.


What It Is

Elephant Cross GmbH is a Swiss-based sustainable fashion and lifestyle company that produces exquisite scarves made from cashmere, fine wool and silk. Their 3 key promises are:

  • Design: The design DNA of Elephant Cross is rooted in both Indian and Swiss culture. In their products, they strive to bring together the distinctive design evolution of the east and the minimalistic clean design thinking of the west. Each one of their scarves, has a design story behind it. My favourite is the Taj Mahal scarf which is inspired by the wall decorations of the iconic Taj Mahal.
  • Quality: They only use natural fibres like cashmere, fine wool and silk which are fully bio-degradable and also extremely breathable and gentle on the skin. Their wool scarves are 16 microns wool or below which makes them extremely soft and luxurious to touch.
  • Sustainability: Elephant Cross creates sinfully beautiful scarves while creating fair working conditions for people who work with them and avoid impact on the environment. They have aligned themselves to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 12, 13 and 14 with 4 major areas of contribution namely:
  1. People – They physically inspect the production site to enforce fair working conditions for people who work for us.
  2. Land – They use only natural fibres in our products and fully biodegradable materials in our packaging.
  3. Air – They do only carbon neutral transport.
  4. Water – With each scarf sold they contribute 5% of the sale price towards “The Ocean Cleanup” project to help preserve the marine life.


They draw inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi who said: “The earth, air, land and water – we have to hand them over to the next generation in at least the same state as it was handed over to us”.


The Story

The initial idea comes from their wedding in India, where as part of the wedding ceremony called milni girl’s side gave to all the Swiss guests Indian scarves, which were very well received.

Back in Switzerland, many people told them they could not find this quality at a reasonable price here. They realized that there was a gap in the Swiss market and decided to bring to Switzerland scarves with natural fibres and meaningful designs at a reasonable price range. To embark on this journey both Dominic and Suniti started studying design and its evolution through architecture, history and heritage of the east and brought it in context for the western audience. Therefore, you will find a design story behind each one of their scarves.

Along the way, they also realized the threat fast fashion industry poses to the environment and society, so Suniti took formal education from IMD Lausanne, on building business sustainability, to be able to build a truly sustainable fashion brand. At Elephant Cross products and packaging are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They follow highest standards regarding good working conditions for people who work for them. Additionally, they only use green miles for transports. They don’t claim to be perfect, they are working on improving themselves at day by day.


The Why

Before embarking on the Elephant Cross journey, both Suniti and Dominic have always had an affinity for design and nature. Their travels have taken them to different parts of the world, where they explored the beauty of nature and the diversity of design in architecture, culture and the way of life. India, where Suniti was born and raised, is a place of great design evolution for them, which continues to inspire them.

They wanted to translate their passion for design and nature into a product that they can share with people. And as a result, Elephant Cross was born. “Sinful without sins” is not just their brand claim, it is a promise to make sinfully beautiful products while avoiding impact on the environment. They strive for a world that is beautiful forever.


Wanna know more?

Follow them on Facebook and  Instagram (elephant_cross). The best place to find out more about their products is their website!



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