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Christmas is coming…  Damn it! Too much money to spend and too many things to buy. It’s easy to get lost and it can be more stressful than enjoyable.

That’s why we decided to help you with some tips on how you can do things differently this year!

We will release one tip every day and we hope this triggers your imagination and you can find even more alternatives!

Good luck and enjoy! 🙂

Last minute presents?! Use your skills! Give something you’re good at: if you’re a good photographer, offer a photoshoot; if you’re a good cooker, offer a dinner 😉

How about repairing our own clothes? A sewing machine or a knitting kit can be useful!

Do your own cosmetics: Give a homemade body butter or a lip balm!

Gather your friends for X-mas and Swap it on!

Wow! It’s the 20th already! Still don’t have your presents yet? Websites like Greenality are full of ethical options!

Buy / Rent impactful movies and make a movie night together!

Meaningful presents from Oxfam! Everybody wins!

Give experiences, not stuff! Maybe a workshop, a concert together or a fancy picnic in the woods.

Check out ethical online stores, you can give a Voucher like at Avocado Store!

Give food for thought! A Good Read is always welcome 🙂

Furoshiki is a Japonese tradition of using textiles for carrying goods. We totally recommend wrapping your presents with textiles (even reusing pieces of fabric you may already have), it gives the gift an extra charm and the person who receives it can reuse it or give it back. Check Cheri Tokyozuri for some inspiration!

Gift a Tree!

Upcycle a piece of clothing you own!

Join Food-sharing and throw a dinner party!

Spend a cosy afternoon with granny and knit a gift!

Give something used! Yes, I know, WHAT?! But why not? We change behaviours slowly, it can be a DVD you already watched, a book you already read or jewellery you don’t want anymore!

Arts & Crafts! Write your cards using paper you already have, maybe cut and paste some pictures, use magazines, flyers and create original Christmas cards.

Make a wishlist with your friends & family, so you don’t risk getting something you don’t want / will not use 😉

Remember that kids game where you picked a random friend’s name out of a bowl and get them a present? “Secret Santa” is always fun and a great thing to buy less, spend less, but still get your present 😉

Don’t trash your phone! Check out this website, they fix all sorts of gadgets and resell them. Refurbished tablets, phones, computers, for much cheaper price.

Sell your clothes and get money for Christmas presents 😉

If you’re going shopping, bring your own shopping bag and refuse all the packages (like plastic and paper bags) they offer you at stores.

Sew your own advent calendar with old pieces of clothing / fabric.

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